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Clean Bubbles



Hello, I am Nicholas Gagnon. Owner and servicemen of Scrub-A-Dub Dub Pressure Washing. I currently posses over 15 years of experience in the labor and service industries I am reliable and hard working, a fast learner with strong analytical, critical thinking and problem solving skills. I find joy in being detail oriented and take pride in achieving results.

Here at Scrub-A-Dub Dub Pressure Washing we are adaptable and always  eager to learn new skills. (If you can show me a better technique ill gladly except the lesson!) 

     Our main goal is to stay dedicated to the highest quality of work!

We provide many different techniques/methods for specific purposes including maintenance repair and restoration along side the use of multiple machines that are considered top of the line in the pressure/power washing and surface area cleaning market/industry. We are a completely portable service based company that operates out of a trailer fully equipped with a 250 gallon buffer tank and soft wash system for spraying chemicals such as S.H (sodium hydrochloride), soap and certain types of surfactants! We can get where most others cant! Our services will remove all debris & organic matter from your properties exterior. Through the use of B.M.P's ("Better Managerial Practices") we will continue to operate in a way that is green and has as little of a carbon footprint as humanly possible.

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